Add Au Courant’s new brunch to your must-do list

If you looked at social media last Sunday, it felt like everyone who knows anything about food in Omaha ate brunch at Au Courant.

Yep, I was there, too. And now it’s my turn to rave.

The fried chicken and biscuit sandwich with spicy sausage gravy.

The menu is small but focused, with a handful of entrees and shared plates. Chovie’s Egg, the rotating egg-based creation, is this time around, a sort of avocado toast and egg situation; the brioche didn’t hurt anything, either.

Matthew absolutely raved over the fried chicken and biscuit sandwich and, I mean, just look at it. Ben Maides has strong opinions when it comes to breakfast – I know because he was a judge on my best diner in Omaha series – and that expertise and passion for the topic shines through in every single dish. (His favorite two words during that story might have been “crispy biscuits,” and he most certainly came through with his own delightfully airy yet somehow also crispy version of a biscuit.

The kitchen executes a French omelette to perfection, with a creamy, almost liquidy center and perfect seasoning and garnish. Simply dressed greens complete the classic.

The French omelette with brie, mushroom and optional black truffle, plus a lovely little side salad.

Anyhow, Au Courant is killing it in the brunch game. You should go. I’ll see you there.

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