Our all Bon Appetit Super Bowl Sunday spread

I love Super Bowl Sunday.

For one, my favorite consignment store in Omaha has a Super Bowl Sunday sale and I never miss it. (I didn’t miss it this year, either, in between making several dishes for the afternoon feast.)

For another, I like to make any day into a food holiday. Super Bowl Sunday is one of those days.

This year, I got sucked in by several good looking recipes I saw on the Bon Appetit Instagram and its sister account, Basically, which features simpler recipes with fewer ingredients that, in my experience, are just as good as the ones on the main account.

I ended up cooking three dishes: Carla Lalli Music’s turkey and bean chili (side note, if you don’t have her cookbook, you need it); Molly Baz’s extra corny cornbread muffins and Sohla El-Waylly’s queso not from a jar.

Two of the three recipes turned out to be more complex than I expected. The chili required trips to three grocery stores to find the dried chili peppers, and I still only ended up with two of the three, so I substituted a fresh chili. And while the queso’s ingredients are simple, I was glad I watched the videos to figure out just what the recipe meant by “vigorous stir.” (It means nearly sloshing queso all over your stove because you decided to make it in your cute vintage pan, that’s what.)

All of it was well worth the effort. I made the cornbread muffins with some frozen Nebraska sweet corn from last summer (highly recommend if you too froze some corn) and the chili’s wonderful depth of flavor was worth the trips around town.

Queso is queso, but this one is particularly silky and luxurious.

Anyhow, make this Sunday a food holiday and try one of these recipes. I think you’ll enjoy.

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