Where to find takeout during the COVID-19 pandemic, plus some charitable options for the service industry

Local restaurants are adapting fast as the news cycle changes and people are urged to self-isolate. We all want to support restaurants during this time. I’ve gathered a few spots where you can find the most up-to-date information.

Takeout & Delivery

 → This is the best roundup of takeout or delivery options I’ve seen so far. Gastronom Cocktail Blog is switching gears and has gathered many Facebook posts from local restaurants, plus contact information.

 → I’ve got a saved story on my Instagram featuring the most up-to-date posts I can find.

 → I’m also sharing whatever I see on my timeline over on Facebook.

The World-Herald has a list of closed restaurants and other arts organizations and music venues.

Charitable links

 → Here’s a link to the United States Bartenders Guild Foundation. Donate to help the bartenders who serve us all.

→ A good link to donate funds to restaurant workers via the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation.

→ The Omaha Community Foundation has a COVID-19 response fund.

→ A good list of resources from the Omaha Chamber of Commerce.

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