Burger Review: Is this Omaha’s fanciest hamburger? I think so.

I’ve eaten a lot of fancy hamburgers in my day (I did a whole Food Prowl back in the day on the topic of gourmet burgers, which you can read at this link and this link.)

Way back in 2013, our team named the Grey Plume’s gourmet burger as our favorite, and I remember at the time having a bit of sticker shock when I saw how much it was ($16 as it was on the menu, $24 topped with pork belly and a whopping $31 topped with a slab of foie gras, which, of course, we tried.)

The Grey Plume’s hamburger, shot by Rebecca Gratz for the Omaha World-Herald. It had a wagyu patty served on a house made bun with caramelized onions, lettuce dressed in herb aioli, and house-made bread and butter pickles, mustard and buttermilk cheese. The cheese was topped with orange zest and shavings of salt-cured lomo salami.

Since then, I’ve had many fancy burgers both in and outside of Omaha, and I think the new title of “fanciest” in our town probably has to go to the burger at the Committee Chophouse, which, as its $23 price tag might suggest, is damn delicious.

It comes with flavor-loaded toppings: a warm, creamy blue cheese fondue with a pleasantly salty finish that juxtapose beautifully next to earthy grilled mushrooms and a sweet condensed shallot jam. A smear of Committee steak sauce decorates the soft bun.

But the patty here is standout too; like the burger at The Drover, the expert cooks at this steakhouse kitchen can get the ground beef at any temperature a diner wishes. As usual, I got mine medium rare, and it arrived perfectly pink at the center.

I got my burger last week with a tossed side salad, though generally speaking I’d get it with their excellent house French fries.

So yeah, it’s expensive for a burger. And perhaps it might not be for everyone — one Twitter user has already gotten after me for ordering a burger at a steakhouse, because in his mind, I’d wasted a trip to a good steakhouse.

But if you’re someone like me, who eats out a whole lot, or if you simply want to have the Committee experience for a tad bit lower price, well. I’d recommend it without hesitation. It’s worth every penny.


This will sound surprising, but the burger at the Shucks is spectacular. Pacific street location specifically.

Griddled bun, prefect cook-to-temp, touch of char, fresh toppings.

If you have not tried it yet, make a trip down to Louisville, NE for Chef Alfaro’s gourmet burgers. Stupid good, as they say. 🙂

In terms of gourmet burgers this is definitely up there on Omaha’s finest, but I was severely disappointed with their fries. Great choose to go with the salad! A gourmet burger, while gourmet, still needs to be messy and they sure accomplished that!

The bacon-ranch burger at Starsky’s is/was killer. Haven’t been there in a while so don’t know if they still serve it.

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