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2020 closed these five restaurants. We will miss them in 2021. — It’s been a long year for restaurants, chefs, owners and the service industry workers who have fought through the 2020 pandemic. It’s been a long year for diners,…

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Kristina: do you want to try the new @nicerollz breakfast pizza?Me: yes.Kristina: be sure to take a bite in the car to get “that fresh fresh.”Me: check.

The weather has us all excited anew about Omaha’s wide array of hot patios. And it seems like this weekend’s weather is going to be just perfect to keep the hot patio exploration going.Today’s newsletter: discover your own favorite spot in the city to become an #OmahaPatioWarrior and dine outside with our list of more than 30 heated patios. Find it right now at the link in my profile.

This is how Matthew and I celebrated the big news of the week around here: I’m joining @emspacegroup this week as a senior public relations strategist. Their goals align so well with one of my own: to make Omaha a better place to live. I can’t wait to start working for clients that focus on issues like transportation, nonprofit work, early childhood education and urban design, among many other issues important to Omaha.If you come here for the food, do not worry. The blog is not going anywhere.

At the new to us @salmexomaha, we found delicious Salvadoran and Mexican food made with care. You can also get some dishes for as little as one dollar, believe it or not. My latest review is at the link in my bio.