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2020 closed these five restaurants. We will miss them in 2021. — It’s been a long year for restaurants, chefs, owners and the service industry workers who have fought through the 2020 pandemic. It’s been a long year for diners,…

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This week's SBH newsletter: Ever wonder how Block 16 adds new menu items? I did. So I asked. Plus, a recap of all my 2020 favorites. ⠀⠀Find it all at the link in my profile, and if you haven't subscribed, you can do that there, too.

I reopened my kombucha factory after a long hiatus and wow, things are fizzy!First time trying d’Anjou pear infused jun tea.

I had no intention of recapping the best of 2020. But a conversation with a chef and taking the time to actually look back at the past year led me to a revelation: Even though 2020 stunk, a lot of the food I ate sure didn't. ⠀⠀In no particular order, here's all the best food, plus one cookbook, I loved last year.⠀⠀Find it right now at the link in my profile.

Some days you have a craving. That craving for me today was a @lacasapizzaria #meatcarpet. So dang happy. Don’t @ me.