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Restaurant Reviews

Review: At Kros Strain, it’s all about figuring out what’s next

Review: At Omaha’s Ota, find the best sushi experience between Chicago and Los Angeles

Review: At Tous les Jours, a wide array of interesting, unusual pastries await

Review: The atmosphere at Omaha’s Kinaara now matches its adventurous, unusual menu

Review: At the tiny Phyl’s Deli, the pastrami is the real deal (and so is everything else)

Review: At Texas de Brazil, it’s the smorgasbord of meat that’s drawing a crowd


A Steak Star is Born: Italian breed showcased on Nebraska plates — Under the warm lights of the Casa Bovina dining room, a round of Certified Piedmontese rib cap glows red, like a rare jewel. A selection of house-cured charcuterie…

Burger Review: Is this Omaha’s fanciest hamburger? I think so.

Burger Review: The Drover’s burger is the one you wish you could grill at home

Burger Review: Small touches make the Blatt Burger stand out

Burger Review: Fizzy’s diner burger should be on your brunch list

Burger Review: In Lieu of a Reuben, I tried the Crescent Moon’s house smash burger