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My top five pizza spots in Omaha (that got eliminated from the pizza bracket way too soon.) — Many, many people have strong, bold opinions about the first ever Omaha Pizza Bracket, which racked up more than 110,000 votes over the course of March Madness and…

Review: Mangia Italiana perfects “flyover pizza”

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Cocktails & Drinks

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Mini food review: Let’s talk about the bananas foster ice cream at @coneflowercreamery, one of their newest flavors that we tried this week. Full disclosure: I don’t really like bananas — it’s a texture thing — but I’m here for bananas foster, with its caramel-y, retro flambé action. Coneflower has perfectly captured the dessert here, with a pure, clean flavor of banana, a hint of deep caramel and just a touch of crunch. Delectable. Highly recommend.

I'm back this week with my first restaurant review in more than a year. Yes, a real live restaurant review, where I went and sat inside a restaurant and ate food! We had a delightful experience at @thecommitteechop, from top to bottom. And this week's bonus: Matthew is also back with a bar review of the beautiful Cottonwood Room. You can find both stories live on my blog now. Just click through to the link in my profile.

A collaboration between me and @lindseyannebaker for our mom today: a mom-themed cheese plate complete with a homemade cheese ball, a family favorite, plus a bottle of champagne. Happy Mother’s Day to our mom and all the moms out there.

A 1-2 punch kind of night in Benson. @krugpark @yoshitomo_sushi All the feels.