The definitive guide to more than 50 Omaha fish frys

Editor’s note: Coronavirus is affecting many local events, including Omaha fish frys. Please check ahead as this list may not be up to date on cancellations.

Welcome to Fish Fry Season in Omaha. Yeah, I’m capitalizing that. It’s a big deal.

Each Friday between Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, thousands of Omahans flock to their local parish (or return to the parish for the first time since the last Fish Fry Season) to indulge in a simple tradition: fried food and beer. And you know, camaraderie and sometimes fellowship. But definitely the first two. Oh, and maybe a slice of Orsi’s pizza while they’re at it.

Readers have asked me for years to write about Fish Fry Season. They’ve asked me to rank fish frys (I still will not do that, do you think I’m crazy?) But I will, for the first time, build what I think is the city’s most comprehensive list of local fish frys in the Omaha area.

Here’s where you come in: Do you see something I missed? Do you have some details about your favorite fry that aren’t listed here? Let me know:

I’ll see you one of these Friday nights in a fish-scented church basement of Omaha, PBR in hand.

All the fish frys listed take place every Friday between the date range. Prices range from $7-$15 a person, and children are often discounted.