Saddle Creek Breakfast Club reopens this weekend

Saddle Creek Breakfast Club, the midtown cult classic, is reopening its doors Friday.

The restaurant closed about a month ago and was unusually open about the reason: its chef and co-owner Chase Thomsen went to a treatment center for addiction and mental health issues, according to a post from his wife, Niki.

This is the happy ending every Omaha breakfast-loving diner hoped for when the restaurant closed.

While SCBC was closed, a GoFundMe aimed to pay the staff (the restaurant made clear it did not set up the fundraiser and will not receive any of the funds) and raised close to $24,000.

I’ve always loved what SCBC does, and what it brings to Omaha. After covering the restaurant industry for more than a decade, it’s undeniable that addiction and mental health issues in the food industry are more common that most diners like to think about. You have to appreciate this family’s candor.

This is great news for the midtown breakfast spot. I’ll be there soon to celebrate its continued success.

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