Takeout chronicles: Dante

How to order

Dante is offering almost all of its regular menu, along with several specials: a family meal option, several varieties of a take-and-make pasta special and both wine and cocktails to-go. All the specials are available for curbside pickup. The restaurant is also offering delivery through Grubhub.

What we got

We’ve ordered twice from Dante: once, we got the weekend special, a whole chicken dinner with roasted vegetables and their signature mixed greens. The second time, we ordered off the takeout menu and came home with a seasonal roasted cauliflower pizza, our favorite bolognese in Omaha and another order of greens. Both times, we also ordered a bottle of Italian red wine to go with the meal.

How long it took

Diners can schedule when they plan to pick up their order. Time depends on how far you live from the restaurant; for us, it’s about a 25 minute drive. 

Critic’s take

If you want a fun dining experience, the family meal is the way to go. As I’ve said before, the value here is often great, and we get several meals each time we order one. It’s also a reminder that when you let a chef cook your dinner, it’s made with the highest quality ingredients and a more refined technique. Chef Nick Strawhecker’s skills are on display with this roast chicken.

The meal came with flavorful, juicy meat and well-seasoned and nicely prepared side dishes. This isn’t to dis the second order we got off the restaurant’s regular menu: I enjoy Dante’s original takes on pizza, and the roasted cauliflower pie topped with olive oil and fennel sausage is just great. The house-made pastas never disappoint. And their farm green salad, with a tangy dressing and crunchy pistachios, has quickly become my favorite salad. (I still like the butterscotch budino better, don’t think I’ve gone crazy.)

Don’t sleep on Dante’s to-go wine, selected by Justin Gilmore and priced at several different levels. Both times our bottle has paired perfectly with dinner.

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