Takeout chronicles: Tiny House Bar

Editor’s note: Welcome to our new series. We can’t dine out right now, but we can order in. I’ll share my chronicles of getting to-go meals, curbside takeout or delivery from various Omaha restaurants (and in this case, a bar) a few times a week.

How to order

In an ingenious move, Tiny House Bar converted a window on the side of its central room into a drive-thru (or walk-thru) window for takeout orders of bottled spirits and cocktail kits. Though they weren’t selling individual cocktails when we visited, they are now. The window is open from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

You can text or call 402-981-4676 to place an order, or follow the bar on Instagram, where owner Megan Malone and her staff are regularly posting what’s available that day. Prices vary, and many of the kits let you make the bar’s house concoctions at home. Tiny House is in Little Bohemia at 1411 S. 13th St.

What we got

Two cocktail kits: one for the “Obama Sex Dream” and a second for the House Gin and Tonic.

How long it took

I texted Megan earlier in the day to secure our order, and we walked over to Little Bohemia to pick it up. Had we driven, I think the whole process would have taken about ten minutes flat. The window also takes social distancing into account: We were able to keep the proper distance from the staff as they handed us our items.

Critic’s take

I have been singing the Tiny House praises since this little bar opened, and the chance to drink some of their delicious creations at home feels like a true treat right now. The house gin and tonic is a refreshingly light drink that has the bonus of being really easy to make. And the Obama Sex Dream includes one of my favorite new ingredients, Sotol, which is sort of like a less smoky mezcal that brings a surprising depth to this otherwise strawberry-forward drink.

Many Omaha restaurants and bar owners are hustling to make things work during this uncertain time. Tiny House is working it in a way that makes the bar stand out as much as it always has – even with the doors locked.

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