Takeout chronicles: J. Coco

To be honest, it’s been a while since we had a meal from J. Coco. I remembered why I liked it so much: our dinner arrived well-seasoned, nicely cooked and prettily plated even in a couple of takeout boxes.

I have always really liked Chef Jennifer Coco’s burger, so we got one of those, plus an entree: Plum Creek chicken with mushroom risotto, seasonal vegetables and truffled mushrooms. I also talked Matthew into a side of Brussels sprouts, another historical favorite.

Impressive fact: the excellent burger arrived cooked medium, a feat we have rarely seen during the takeout chronicles. I also remember why J. Coco was one of the first Omaha restaurants to really popularize Brussels sprouts, because theirs are crispy and rich and fairly over-the-top, in case you too need a reminder.

The high-quality meat in the chicken entree, always the case when you see “Plum Creek” on a menu, meant I really liked this. Paired with simply cooked, fresh vegetables and a creamy risotto that traveled surprisingly well, this dish surprised me.

The how-to

The restaurant has a takeout menu, including wine and family meals, and is available for delivery through Uber Eats. We ordered delivery via Uber Eats; all said it arrived in about 45 minutes. Our order didn’t need to be reheated, which is always a plus.

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