Can we talk about the Nice Rollz pop-up for a minute?

I love the style of Nice Rollz, a Korean pop-up operating on weekends out of the Archetype in Little Bohemia. I’ve been meaning to try one of their breakfast sandwiches (which look great on the ‘gram) but when I saw a video featuring the spicy bulgogi burger, I was done. We ordered two immediately for pickup last Sunday. (Mark your calendar: they’re available once a month.) 

You all know I love a good burger. I eat them more than I probably should. But the Nice Rollz burger has to be one of the most creative takes I’ve had in many months. Matthew, I think, said it best: “I’ve eaten a thousand burgers, but I’ve never had one like this before.” 

It’s got great textures (soft bun, dense burger, runny egg) and a spicy finish you won’t forget. 

Anyway, that’s all I have to say. But get yourself on this list next month, particularly if you consider yourself a burger lover like I am. (FYI, it’s back Sept. 20!)

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