Letter of recommendation: Burgers and Manhattans on 16th Street

A couple of weeks back, Matthew and I took a stroll downtown and ended on 16th Street, where we spent our whole evening. I’d like to recommend you consider doing the same: locally-owned bars and restaurants need our business right now, and the two in question this week — Mercury and The Green Room — have new patios to experience. Get to it while it’s still warm-ish. 

The burger above is new on Mercury’s food menu, and wow, should you try it. I know I write a lot about burgers (I just really like them!) and I would like to draw your eye to the crispy cheese bits along the edge of this double cheeseburger. Holy goodness. 

I can also highly recommend the new patio at The Green Room, complete with several tables, an outdoor couch and umbrellas. I can also highly recommend their version of a Manhattan, delicious and balanced. They just rolled out a new fall cocktail menu, and it’s on my list for a return trip soon.

We’re taking in as many patios as we can while the unseasonably warm weather holds, and I’ve already got plans to keep covering safe ways to dine out during the pandemic. If there’s a patio you think I should write about, let me know.

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