You should probably try an “Aksarben” from Kitchen Table

You all know by now one of my favorite foods is the Runza, or bierock, which I’ve written about many times before. (I like to claim I wrote its definitive Nebraska history.) I like to eat bierocks from Runza — in fact, I’ve recently moved from the classic Runza to the cheese version in my drive-thru order. I also love homemade versions, which I’ve made myself, and which I eat whenever I can.

So when Matthew saw last week that a restaurant just a few blocks from our house had a pack of homemade bierocks on its menu, we couldn’t dial fast enough.

I’ll say: bierocks aren’t that pretty. Case in point: My photo.

But they’re never pretty, and that doesn’t at all affect their deliciousness.

Kitchen Table does its version of the bierock with ground beef, plenty of spices and house sauerkraut. A vegan version comes filled with garbanzo beans, lentils, great northern beans, flax, caramelized onions, sauerkraut, caraway and mustard seeds. (To be honest, I kind of want to try that version, too.)

A few bites in, I felt confident saying this is one of the best bierocks I’ve had: tender, flavorful beef with balanced spice and flavor; an almost flaky, delicate pastry crust and a beautifully browned exterior. Sometimes a bierock can get doughy or gummy, but not here. The crust held its own against the dense filling.

What else is there to say? If you’re a bierock lover, give this one a try. They’ll be available in take-home four packs all week.

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