Takeout chronicles: Bärchen Beer Garden

Editor’s note: Welcome to our new series. We can’t dine out right now, but we can order in. I’ll share my chronicles of getting to-go meals, curbside takeout or delivery from various Omaha restaurants a few times a week.

How to order

We ordered our dinner via Grubhub, but the restaurant is also offering delivery within a five-mile radius of Benson. In-house deliveries can also include alcohol. They’re also offering takeout, and have delivery via Doordash, too. For now, it’s credit card payment only.

What we got

The Nashville hot chicken sandwich and the Le Bärchen Mac, a gourmet take on the fast food classic.

How long it took

Our order took close to an hour to arrive, from the time we ordered it to the time our driver left it at our apartment door. Keep in mind, this food journeyed a good 15 minutes from Benson to our downtown home.

Critic’s take

Barchen’s take on a fast food burger – two smashed patties, plenty of cheese, pickles and special sauce on a soft bun – is tasty. I ate half of it on day one (we got enough fries for at least four people) and rewarmed the rest of it the next day. It didn’t suffer at all in terms of flavor or texture, even as a leftover lunch.

Matthew’s hot chicken sandwich he said, “pumped it up to a seven” on the spicy scale. Topped with house pickles and shredded lettuce, he said if he got it again, he’d go for the super spicy version of the fried chicken.

When you are ordering delivery, you have to think about what you’re ordering. Our hot chicken sandwich and our fries suffered not from the kitchen, but in the time riding in a delivery car. All that said: the fries perked right up after a few minutes under our broiler, and were as near as they could have been to coming straight out of the restaurant’s fryer.

If you’re feeling like some indulgent pub food, this should be your game plan.

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