Takeout chronicles Lincoln: MoMo Pizzeria & Ristorante

Editor’s note: Welcome to our new series. We can’t dine out right now, but we can order in. Guest author Liz McCue is sharing her takeout chronicles from restaurants offering delivery and curbside pickup in the capitol city.

How to order

Online at momo-pizzeria.com or by phone at 402-261-5966. MōMō Pizzeria & Ristorante is located at 7701 Pioneers Blvd. 

What we got

A pepperoni pizza, a verdura fresca pizza and tiramisu.

How long it took

We ordered online a little after 5:15 p.m. and were informed it would take about 70 minutes to be ready. The wait time may be less on weekdays — this was a Friday night, after all. We left soon after, stopped at White Elm Brewing to pick up a curbside order of crowlers I had placed earlier in the day, and made it to the restaurant a little after 6 p.m. We called the restaurant once we arrived and owner Tony Bonelli brought out our order himself about 15 minutes later, with a word of thanks for supporting the restaurant. 

Liz’s take

Momo’s is well worth the wait (and the drive from north Lincoln). The thin crusts are chewy, soft and airy on the inside with a toasty crunch on the outside. Tomato sauce is present in a thin glaze, but full of flavor. 

The verdura fresca pie featured spinach, sour goat cheese, fresh parsley and the sweet, but not overwhelming flavor of roasted fennel. I restrained myself to two slices on Friday night and enjoyed the remaining four slices the next day. The herbs lost some of their vibrance after being reheated in the oven at lunch, but a cold slice at the end of the day went incredibly well with a beer and a book. 

Michael was pleased with his pepperoni pie. There was a light heat to the pepperonis, which were large but didn’t crowd the pizza. But in his opinion, it doesn’t get much better than the tiramisu, with sweet mascarpone cheese and whipped cream, fluffy lady fingers, the lightest of coffee and bourbon flavors, and a heavy dusting of chocolate on top. It might look casual in a little black takeout container, but tastes just as indulgent as it is plated. 

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If you haven’t tried the grape and Gorgonzola salad you are missing out. We’ve had some to die for pastas at MoMo as well. It’s always worth the drive for us.

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