What’s your favorite Omaha patio?

I really miss patio season. This photo is of my favorite, La Buvette, which I miss a whole lot. When I do dine out in the future, I think it’ll be outside.

To that end, I want to build a new list of my favorite patios, and I want your help. What’s your favorite? Send it to me in an email, or comment on this post. I want to find some new favorites. 


I really like the food and patio at Nicola’s on 13th and Jackson.
There is a good variety on the menu.
We have been there several times and all meals have been great.

Bella Vita’s patio in old town Elkhorn is beautiful for a relaxing and nice dinner on a warm summer night.

Favorite patio is La Buvette. Did patio dining at M’s Pub last weekend. Great as usual. Did Jams patio weekend before. Nobody was there. Right now any patio would be great as not ready to eat inside yet

Jimi D’s is a pretty good spot that doesn’t get enough love. The location doesn’t offer much in ambiance, but the food and drinks are solid.

I also love Barchen’s beer garden.

As someone who is at high risk for the virus, my favorite patio for the foreseeable future will be one that is very, very conducive to social distancing. Think the outdoor space at the Inner Rail Food Hall at Aksarben Village. Would love to learn of others that have enough space for more than 2-3 tables.

I’ll second Rob’s comment about Upstream in the Old Market. Love the view from up there, especially all the flowers in bloom in all the various planter boxes scattered around the buildings.

La Buvette
Benson Brewery (back patio)
Roja Old Market (even though it faces west, they have umbrellas and it’s big so your chances of finding a spot are decent)

I love the patios previously mentioned. I will add Jaipur and El Basha to the list. Great food at each place, too.

Buvette for sure, Mark’s as number 2, although we don’t go there frequently, Barchen because it’s dog friendly. Buuuuut did that dude ever actually figure out what was wrong with his tweets?

There’s a new bar/upscale lounge/ amazing place called September’s in Rockbrook Village. Seriously… an amazing place with great ownership. Every drink is refreshing and well made. Every food plate I’ve had is DELICIOUS. I want everyone to try this place out!! The patio is soooooo nice.

Nothing new to people but Barchen, it’s spacious, has umbrellas and last year we asked to hold some tables for a friend’s birthday and they went ABOVE and BEYOND that night. They won my patio heart for a long time. Can’t wait to see all the other suggestions!

Charlie’s on the Lake has a very spacious, comfortable patio with lovely views–and overhead sun shades do their job well.

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