Eleventh hour basil preservation: a how-to.I’ll admit I should have done this months ago when my basil plant was mammoth. Instead, I waited until the morning of the first snow, and my basil is looking pretty sad. But I know come January (hell, come next week) I’ll be glad to have some of the flavor of summer preserved in my freezer.To make your own pre-snowstorm sad basil cubes: chop basil. Fill an ice cube tray with chopped herbs and top with high quality olive oil. (Do not use another oil. They won’t freeze solid.) Shuffle things around in your freezer until they fit. Bask in your achievement and look forward to using your frozen basil in tomato soup and sauces in the winter.My ice cube tray is by @oxo and the design is clever af and perfect for herb preservation. Well worth the ten bucks.

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