There’s (another) momo in town you should try

I’ll keep this one brief and to the point: Omaha has a new spot for Nepalese dumplings, aka momos.

We were surprised — and pleased! — to spot them on the appetizer menu at The Jaipur one recent evening, when we headed out west for dinner in Rockbrook Village.

We like the Jaipur for several reasons: their house-brewed jalapeño beer is one of them.

Jaipur momos are on par with the momos at Kathmandu Momo Station, though they only come in a single flavor, chicken, and there’s no choice of sauces like there is in Blackstone and Inner Rail, the food hall in Aksarben.

At the Jaipur, momos come with a side of tomato sesame chutney for dipping. Our server saw me make what turned out to be a major faux pas: cutting a momo with a fork.

I’ll share the tip she shared with us: don’t use a fork with momos. Instead, wait until they cool just slightly, then pick them up with your hands, dip and pop the entire thing in your mouth for the full effect.

We did just what she advised, and you should, too, no matter which momo spot you check out.

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  1. Gloria B. Avatar
    Gloria B.

    Also at the Jaipur is spinach filled naan – an absolute delight found nowhere else as far as I know

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