Help us choose 64 burgers for the Omaha Burger Bracket

Welcome back to bracket season! My team has been scheming this year’s Omaha Burger Bracket for a whole year — basically since the day the Omaha Pizza Bracket of 2021 closed — and this time, we’re letting you in on the action before the voting begins.

We want to make sure we’re not missing an absolutely delicious burger, and that’s where we need your help.

So let us know in the comments: What burger must we have on our list of 64?

Today we’re sharing the initial list of 64 burgers in alphabetical order for you to review.

Our list includes some of the city’s best known burger joints. We’ve got the city’s diners, its dives and at least a handful of new and unknown spots.

We’ll take your input through the end of the week, then complete our seeding and announce the bracket on Sunday night.

Omaha Burger Bracket voting opens at noon on Monday, March 14.

Read all the details, dates, and rules — plus find out how to win a $50 gift card to eat the winning burger — at

Here’s our initial list of 64 burgers:

Which ones would you change? Tell me in the comments section below.

72 Table and Tap
Alpine Inn
Angus Burgers and Shakes
Benson brewery
Best Bison
Best Burger
Block 16
Charred burger + Bar
Committee Chophouse
Crescent Moon
Dario’s Brasserie
DJ’s Dugout
Don and Millie’s
Farnam house
Finicky Franks
Hunger Block
J Gilberts
JoJo’s Diner
Keystone Tavern
King Kong
Le Bouillon
M’s Pub
Mattress Factory
Modern Love
Monarch Prime
Naughty Buddha burger bar
Nebraska Brewing
Nice Rollz
Nite Owl
Omaha Tap House
Sinful Burger
Smitty’s Garage
The Drover
The Rustic Inn
Tiger Toms
Twisted Cork


Sauced by Alfaro – Louisville (I know it’s not Omaha… but everyone from Omaha is driving there to eat these mad burger creations)

I came to the comments to recommend Dundee’s Place as well. I get their burger a couple times a month.

Agreed on both accounts. Bison Burger was flavorless last time I went, and I’ve had an amazing burger more than once at Blatt.

I think Report Inn should probably be on the list. Little-known, but good burgers. It’s in the Bel Air Plaza, 120th and Center.

100%! When I saw that it wasn’t on the list, I immediately had to check to make sure it wasn’t closed.

Twisted Cork is gone, isn’t it? Replaced by Pacific Eating House. Or did you mean Twisted Fork? I think Lighthouse should be on here.

Barrel and Vine has amazing burgers and they’re very accommodating when it comes to add ons. 10/10 burgers for a reasonable price.

Barnato’s new burger is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
It’s a duck & wagyu blend that’s been perfectly balanced for the ultimate combination of rich and juicy. Then they throw some duck bacon on top and it’s just 🤌🤌🤌

Smash Omaha in the Inner Rail is pretty good. I mostly stop in there because I’m in Aksarben; it’s not better than Block 16 or more iconic than Stella’s or Dinker’s though

Monolithic’s smoked burger is 💯 The special burgers they do are all killer but you can’t go wrong with the pickle-onion-ketchup combo slaw thing they do on the house burger 🤤🤤🤤

Great List Sarah. I think there are a lot of those little places in the area that have a pretty good burger, and you know that everybody likes a different kind of Burger and it’s setup.

You could do different regions like the NCAA tournament does (East, South, West, Midwest), based on style of burger. Could do a Fast Food region, a Bar/Grill region, a Gourmet region, Mom/Pop region, Chain region, an Other region. The possibilities are endless. Louie M’s and Barrett’s are the biggest names left out. A couple on there could easily be removed. Plank has the most underrated burger because, who orders burgers at a seafood restaurant? I do. Culver’s would be a worthy addition as well. Lisa’s makes a damn fine burger, even though it’s not their specialty. One more before I go: O’leavers Kitchen.

Please put Round the Bend in there. Ground and Pattied daily in house 8oz burgers from all their steak trimmings. Doesn’t get more local and fresh than that!

The Barley Burger at Barley’s in CB is a solid contender all the way over here! Also the burger at Twisted Tail in Beebeetown is probably worth a try.

Cheeseburgers – A Take Out Joint , is my personal favorite. It’s awesome and the atmosphere is way cool! They have a loose meat sandi as well, love it !

I am wondering how Nebraska Brewing is on the list with a restaurant closed 2 years ago and no true food at the production tap room? Oscar’s and Louis M’s needs to be on the list. Even though Barley’s is in CB it has Killer Burgers and food. Oh and Top Notch Service! The Diablo Burger is the best in the area. IMO!

Local is missing, though I can’t say they have a shot at winning.

My wife swears the Ollie &Hobbs burgers are better than Charred

The Drover is excellent and deserves to be nominated, Charleston’s has two burgers on their menu that are well crafted and flavorful. Make Warren Buffett’s day and include their burger line-up from the “Grill.” Hooters has improved the menu and their famous burger called the Big Hootie. Believe it or not, I order the Big Hootie for pick up.