Voting is now open in the 2023 Nebraska Beer Bracket

Let the games begin! Voting is now live in the 2023 Nebraska Beer Bracket! Round one starts today and runs through March 16.

Read on for round one matchups and more.

Omaha region match ups, round one.
East region matchups, round one.
Capitol region match ups, round one.
West region match ups, round one.


West region, flyover brewing co!!!!!! 💯 percent hands down!!! Best food, atmosphere, staff and most importantly my aunt and uncle own this!!!!!

How is Kinkaider in the “West Region”?! This is why Western Nebraska doesn’t get along with eastern Nebraska. There is a WHOLE OTHER HALF OF THE STATE beyond Kearney, look at a map. Broken Bow is NOT Western Nebraska.

West region bracket: Flyover Brewing Company. Creative offerings, great food, amazing staff, and incredible atmosphere.
If you’re ever in Scottsbluff, stop in!

Never been more excited for March Madness! Love this! The cherry on top is that you managed to really divide it out into four regions that are quite accurate and one isn’t lopsided with breweries per region, and didn’t leave off any active breweries that I can see. Awesome work! Only 3 on the list I have not visited, so clearly my vote counts for something! 😉


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