A can’t miss NYC Thai spot

A friend of mine sent over a whole host of NYC restaurant recommendations, many high-end and delicious looking. But the one that really stood out to me was this one: Wondee Siam, a tiny Thai spot off 53rd Street and 9th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen. Most of the best dishes on the menu are in Thai, my friend told me, so he provided me with pictures of his favorite dishes and the name of each dish.

Wondee Siam

Thai food is supposed to hit a balance of sour, sweet, creamy and salty. These dishes knocked that balance out of the park. At left is crispy fried catfish with a sweet-spicy mango salsa; suffice to say this dish was like nothing I’ve ever eaten before. Crispy fish virtually melts away as you eat it, and that texture combined with the cool, crisp salad is simply divine. At right is Matthew’s favorite, guey jub, a soup made with thick cut noodles, hunks of crispy tofu, fried pork, chicken and egg all in a slightly sweet broth. The textural play here is fun to eat and the singular broth alone makes it worth trying.

If you’re in the mood for new food during a NYC visit, this is your spot. 

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