Our newest New York food recommendations

This week, allow us to wax poetic about the food of New York City. We just returned from New York on Monday, so the experience is top of mind, including the dish above, the chilled spicy noodles from Momofuku Noodle Bar. I dream about these noodles when I’m not in New York, and they’re generally the first thing I get upon arrival (it’s either these noodles or a Shake Shack burger, depending on my mood.) These noodles strike a wonderful balance: super spicy numbing Sichuan peppercorns are ground into the homemade pork sausage, then blended with cold, al dente noodles smothered in an herby spinach sauce. It all gets topped with a handful of crunchy candied cashews and torn Thai basil that bring a welcome burst of sweet crunch  and bright herb flavor to the dish. 

My mouth is watering as I type this description. I hope yours is, too. 

Another favorite is the unexpected pasta and fish we ate at Lavagna, one of my friend Brad’s favorite neighborhood spots. So are the surprisingly delicious French fries that come off the grill at Julius’, a legendary gay bar in the village. Or the burger at Fanelli Cafe, one of the city’s oldest neighborhood joints.

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