When Block 16 makes your dream burger

This week has been pretty cool.

My new website launched Thursday – you’re here, so you know – and on Friday my friends Paul and Jessica Urban made me the lunch special of my dreams. Seriously.

The backstory: I asked the Urbans to come up with something spectacular, as they do daily, to help me announce my new website. They graciously agreed, and asked me a few simple questions: did I like thick burgers or smashed? What was my favorite cheese? I answered.

The rest of what’s on this beautiful burger, which was Friday’s one-day-only lunch special, they entirely dreamt up on their own, though, to be fair, they know what I like since I’ve eaten at their restaurant and pop-up hundreds of times.

Two words: Nailed. It.

The SBH burger’s two smashed wagyu patties came topped with salty, extra sharp cheddar; smoked pork belly crispy jam; fennel-spiked pickles; and secret sauce on a Le Quartier brioche bun. I’d attempt to review a burger constructed with all my favorite things, but you already know I loved it.

The burger isn’t on the menu regularly, but Block 16 has lots of other great options: the classic Block burger is my go-to, the Croque Garcon is Alton Brown’s go-to, and NY Times food writer Sam Sifton swooned over the Three Happiness burger.

Anyway, thanks Paul and Jess. You guys are great.

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