SBH Recommends: Dante’s lasagna night

I’ll keep this one short and sweet: Dante’s lasagna is wonderful.

It’s a one-night-a-week special, on Thursday, and it’s paired with select half-price wine that evening, too. (You know we took advantage of that.)

Dante’s lasagana uses its delicious bolognese sauce folded between several layers of house-made pasta along with bechamel and grated cheese. Honestly.

Lasagna is limited, and when it’s gone, it’s gone, so plan ahead. I strongly suggest topping your portion, enough for two in our experience, with a whole ball of burrata that will slowly melt into the dish as you eat it.


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I’m excited to try this! I’ve had so many bad lasagnas at both restaurants and people’s houses that I’ve almost given up on it. I’ll give Dante’s a try. That is assuming I have any room left in my stomach after gobbling up their Zucchini Fritti.

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