Takeout chronicles: Le Bouillon

Editor’s note: Welcome to our new series. We can’t dine out right now, but we can order in. I’ll share my chronicles of getting to-go meals, curbside takeout or delivery from various Omaha restaurants a few times a week.

How to order

Le Bouillon did a wonderful job revamping its website to make ordering delivery incredibly easy. Customers can order online or by phone – 402-502-6816 – and the restaurant has several options available:

What we got

We went with some of our favorites: the chicken and crepes, a shrimp roll with a side of fries and the smoked cauliflower. (I really wanted the cheese and meat tray, but you gotta get some vegetables in your life, right?)

The shrimp roll and fries.

How long it took

Chef Paul Kulik is driving his blue van all over the city and delivering Le Bouillon himself – it’s a detail worth sharing. Chefs aren’t sitting idly at home while their staffs work out the details. They’re in the mix, too.

All told, from the time we ordered online to the time Paul pulled up to our condo building, it took between 20 and 30 minutes. Take note: we live in the neighborhood, so it would take longer if you live further away. Be patient at this time.

When the chef delivers your takeout.

Critic’s take

Our meal from Le Bouillon is the best takeout we’ve had so far. Don’t skip the chicken and crepes. It’s one of the best dishes on the list. Wrap tender hunks of chicken in a flavorful, torn bit of crepe and top it with a drizzle of the bright thyme vinaigrette. I can at least imagine I’m eating in a restaurant while I eat this dish.

The shrimp roll is pretty over-the-top: a crisp-toasted brioche roll stuffed with large whole shrimp tossed in the right amount of creme fraiche flavored with celery root. A side of their crisp-tender fries hit the spot (but meant I had to spend a bit more time walking on my building’s treadmill later.)

The better part of a whole head of cauliflower gets a deep smokiness, and is served topped with crunchy pepitas, cilantro, and sauce vierge, a French sauce made from olive oil, lemon juice and herbs. If you’re going to eat vegetables, this is the way to do it.

Don’t be surprised if this isn’t the last Takeout Chronicles dispatch about Le Bouillon. It’s great. We will definitely order again.

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