Burger Review: In Lieu of a Reuben, I tried the Crescent Moon’s house smash burger

Omaha Burger Bracket season is one of the only times of year — and one of the only reasons — I would forego one of my favorite Reubens in Omaha.

But in the name of burger research, I ordered the house double smash burger topped with two slices of melted cheddar. As I said, I’d never really explored the burger side of the Moon, but I remain intrigued by one of the burger choices: the Dirty Martini burger comes topped with melted blue cheese stacked on a bed of lettuce with green olives and a house-made green olive sauce. I’ll be back for you, burger.

The Ale House burger I did try came piled high with toppings, including shredded lettuce, which I much prefer to a big slab of cold lettuce; melted cheese; tomato and thick cut pickles on the side. The buns are locally made, split top Rotella’s, and the bun-to-burger ratio here (one of my biggest burger pet peeves is a huge bun and a tiny burger) is spot-on.

The Moon’s patties are thicker than the traditional smash burger, and mine came deeply charred on the outside. I’d have asked for the burger to be cooked medium, but the night we were there, the place was packed with Creighton fans and I knew the kitchen was slammed, so I made no such request. Next time, though, I would.

With so many selections on their menu, the Moon is a worthy contender in the bracket, and is currently substantially ahead in round two.

Will I get a Reuben next time? Probably. But that Martini burger is still calling my name.

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  1. Mike GW Avatar
    Mike GW

    Elvis Burger + Egg was a revelation for me at the Moon.

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