Two fun Fish Friday suggestions for the last Friday of Lent

Yes, I have been eating a lot of burgers (Burger Bracket season just ended, in case you somehow missed the memo.)

But even a burger lover like me has to break up the monotony sometimes, so here’s a couple of recent seafood and fish dishes I’ve tried and highly recommend you check out, too, whether it be for the last Friday of lent or just sometime soon.

Fish and Chips, The Dundee Dell

I had several friends conversationally mention to me lately that they didn’t realize that The Dundee Dell had reopened under new ownership. Well, it has, at its long-time location just off 50th and Underwood, and while the inside is recognizable, it’s been spruced up significantly, with a new layout, new lighting and a new smaller bar on the west side that I’m looking forward to checking out. The menu has also undergone a revamp, and I must say, the fish and chips — which I liked at the previous Dell — are better than ever.

The fish itself is really the star, thick and flaky inside the thin but substantial breading, which finishes with a crisp bite and just the right amount of grease. The whole dish gets finished with a sprinkle of fresh parsley and a dash of flaky sea salt.

Gone are the coin-shaped chips of the past, replaced with medium-thick fries that have a super crisp finish, matching the fish.

I personally love a side of malt vinegar with my chips, but the tartar sauce alongside has a nice kick.

I’ll pause here and say that the menu’s British take on Indian, in the form of chicken tikka masala, is great; they aren’t kidding that it has a spicy kick at the end.

Popcorn Rock Shrimp, Le Bouillon

The popcorn rock shrimp at Le Bouillon comes well-seasoned with a thin breading, then topped with a delicious crumble reminiscent of pad Thai, made with apple, turnip, celery, cilantro and chili crunch oil.

I love checking out what is on the ever-evolving list of small plates at Le Bouillon (remember the chicken liver PBJ? It’s still there if you haven’t had it yet.)

My most recent discovery are these absolutely delicious popcorn rock shrimp. Rock shrimp are smaller than regular shrimp, and, in my opinion twice as flavorful. Bouillon breads them with an airy, puffy coating and then tops them with a crumble that is absolutely delicious.

Thai-inspired, the crumble has that whole sweet-sour-spicy thing going on, and also a welcome texture that pairs really well with the shrimp. Chili crunch oil is such a wonderful ingredient, and here it works magic when paired with crunchy vegetables and a hit of fresh cilantro.

It’s great because it’s so unexpected.

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