Four great, recent food experiences

We really haven’t been going out much lately, but when we have, its been for select, delicious experiences at places we know and love.

Hence this week’s post, a little recap of a few dishes I’ve had lately that stuck in my mind and popped out of my photo reel when I was thinking about what to write this Wednesday evening.

If you feel like going out, might I suggest trying one of these?

Le Bouillon, chicken liver PBJ

This little gem of a petite sandwich is tucked under the “canape” list on the menu at Le Bouillon, and boy oh boy, is it great. It’s just what it sounds like: a toasty pbj made with a hunk of chicken liver pate at its center.

Rich, hot and gooey, we ordered one and each ate half, which was about the perfect amount of something so deeply savory. Don’t sleep on the canape list, is what I learned. Next up on my list to try: the smoked trout spread.

Block 16, croque garçon

It had been a minute since Matthew and I had dinner at Block 16 — or any meal at Block 16 — because new work schedules make it particularly difficult for us to get away at mid-day. (Gosh, how I miss their lunch specials.)

So, we decided to head over after a recent movie at Film Streams (Licorice Pizza, for the curious.) Though I’m a true Block Burger connoisseur, the croque garçon felt right that night, and boy did it hit. The soft cooked egg, the slice of ham, all on one of their perfectly cooked burgers with a soft ciabatta bun.

There’s a reason it’s Alton Brown’s favorite.

Lola’s, spice cake with meringue

I saw this cake on Lola’s Instagram story and boy did I ever want to try it. Fast forward to the next day: We met our dessert-loving uncles for lunch, and our server mentioned the cake, which I promptly brought up to show to my uncle on the ‘gram. The next thing I knew? This beauty sat in front of us.

The texture of the meringue top was just sublime: crisp edge met soft, chewy, pillowy center, all of that over a deeply spiced, thick slice of cake. This was a daily special, so let’s hope they’ll bring it back so you, too, can try it.

The Boiler Room, tagliatelle with braised pork cheek sugo

I don’t think most diners think of pasta when they go to The Boiler Room, but they should. Their small plates of pasta end up being some of the most memorable dishes we have during our visits there, and this one — pork cheek sugo over homemade tagliatelle drizzled with olive oil and a mountain of grated Parmigiano-reggiano — is simple in its straightforward flavors but also savory and layered. Homemade pasta changed the game at a lot of restaurants way back when it first began appearing in Omaha, and the Boiler Room still does some of the best anywhere in the city.

3 responses to “Four great, recent food experiences”

  1. Amanda Avatar

    Omg I need to get to Le Bouillon asap!

  2. Jay Yost Avatar
    Jay Yost

    Let’s hear it for Lola’s spice cake!

  3. Katherine Avatar

    Great recommendations.I like hearing about specific dishes to try.

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